Tank Frenzy


Imagine rolling onto the battlefield in your favorite tank. Friendly forces gather up and join you, ready for the attack. The enemy has been pushing forward into your territory but you are prepared to fight back. The battlefield a frozen tundra, of trees, rocks, boulders and city remains lies before you. As your friendly forces proceed to attack from the South you roll off the East and begin to weaken the enemy from the side. Using the surrounding environment to your advantage, you are able to avoid enemy fire and navigate around their forces. While the battle progresses, it is your duty to both assist your friendly forces as well as complete objectives. You will be asked to assault enemy positions, destroy major targets and even protect friendly assets.

Unlike many games, where the player’s progress is set linearly, this game lets the players choose what order they wish to complete objectives. Not only will the player have the ability to approach the battlefield in their own way, they will also have the option of choosing a tank best suiting their needs. Up to three of your friends can join your forces to defeat the enemy. Work with your team mates and approach the battle in new ways.

Tank Frenzy was created by a team of 5 over 20 weeks as the capstone to our master's program at RIT.

The team consisted of: